Qualifications needed to become a
Knight Templar of the United Orders

Candidates for this Order must be:

  • 1) Craft Master Masons
  • 2) Companions of the Royal Arch
  • 3) Profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith

They are Installed first as Knights of the Temple and then, later on in a separate ceremony, as Knights of Malta. Although the Orders can only claim to have inherited these titles from the knightly fraternities formed during the Crusades, the beautiful and moving ceremonies are based on those early beginnings when a group of Knights were granted a place of habitation within the sacred precincts of King Solomon’s Temple by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem in 1118.

Enquiries re Joining KT should contact the Provincial Vice Chancellor

Qualifications needed to become a
Knight of Malta

The ceremony to be a member of this Order takes place sometime after the Candidate has been installed as a Knight Templar and therefore be subject to the same three mandatory requirements of being a Knight Templar.

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