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Provincial Prior's Bodyguard

What is the Bodyguard?

The Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard is a team of Knights drawn from Preceptories in the Province of Hertfordshire, who provide ceremonial duties when the Provincial Prior is visiting a Preceptory, and at the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory, and the Provincial Service of Praise.

When the Provincial Prior formally visits a Preceptory, members of the Bodyguard attend and form an Arch of Steel for his Procession in, and the Recession out of, the Preceptory. At the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory, and the Service of Praise, they perform a variety of other tasks to generally assist the Provincial Marshal with the physical arrangements on the day.

Membership of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard is by invitation, and selection of New Knights to join this select team takes place annually, usually in March or April. Nominations can made by Preceptory Registrars and Marshals. They may then be invited to serve a term of probation to see if they are able to commit their time and enjoy the comradeship the Bodyguard has to offer. Likewise, it gives the Bodyguard the opportunity to get to know you and see if you will fit in. A Knight’s membership of The Bodyguard ceases when he receives Provincial Rank. A member of the Bodyguard must also be a Knight of Malta.

Past and Present members of the Bodyguard have the privilege of being able to join the Bodyguard Preceptory – Crossed Swords No 618.

Individual members can enjoy the close bond of friendship that Bodyguard membership generates, and they witness and take part in the Temple and Malta ceremonies on a more frequent basis than they would if only attending their own Preceptory or Priory. This assists them to pass through the offices of their own Preceptories, and benefits those Preceptories by having more experienced, capable, and dedicated officers.

  • Provincial
    Bodyguard Commander

    E.Kt. David Sodey

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  • Provincial
    Deputy Bodyguard Commander

    E.Kt. Roy Bishop P.Prov.St.B.(B.)

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  • Provincial
    Bodyguard Registrar

    Kt. D Holmes

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