The Provincial Marshal

The Provincial Marshal

The Office of the Provincial Marshal

The Provincial Marshal has overall responsibility for the standard and correctness of the ceremonies worked within the Province both at Provincial and Preceptory level.

A member of the Provincial Executive, his responsibilities include:

  • Organising the escorting of the R.E. Provincial Prior and the V.E. Provincial Sub-Prior on their official visits within the Province. This includes working with the Provincial Body Guard Commander to ensure an Arch of Steel is provided for the R.E. Provincial Prior’s visits.
  • The ceremonial for the Annual Provincial Meeting and for the Annual Service of Praise, including working with the Provincial Vice-Chancellor to arrange the seating.
  • Providing support and advice regarding the ritual and ceremonial matters for Preceptory Marshals, Preceptory Registrars, and Eminent Preceptors.
  • The organisation and running of the Provincial Preceptory of Improvement, formed to improve the quality and understanding of the ritual within the Province and the execution of the Drill.
  • Overall responsibility for the R.E. Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard.
In performing these duties the Provincial Marshal, of necessity, works very closely with the Provincial Vice-Chancellor, and is assisted by the Deputy Provincial Marshals, and the Bodyguard Commander.

The Provincial Marshal has, traditionally, taken the office of Marshal in the Macleod Preceptory, No.463, and since 2016 now assumes that responsibility in the Charles Herbert Perram Precptory, No.409.

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