Preceptory of Improvement
This is held, under the leadership and guidance of the Provincial Marshal, V.E.Kt. Mike Beaty, at The Masonic Hall, The Rose Walk, Radlett, Herts. WD7 7JS.

Commencing at 10.00am on the first Sunday of the months of February, March, April, June, September, October, November and December.

It has been formed for the purpose of helping the Knights of the Province to learn and practise the drill and ritual, and so improve the standards throughout the Preceptories in the Province of Hertfordshire.

A Drill session is held during every P of I and is particularly beneficial to those Knights who have recently come into the Order.

Being a Military Order, Knights Templar is very different to most other Masonic Orders, in that members have to use a sword, perform drill, and work as part of a team. Knights probably remember being seated in the Preceptory after their Installation, and then, together with the other Knights present, being called on to come to order, to pray, and to take part in the closing of the Preceptory (this all being totally new to them). Most Knights then go off home and come to the next meeting, not having received any instruction in the drill, but having to perform it, some of which they had never seen before.

Being taught the drill at P of I, and practising it, enables them to attend meetings knowing what they are doing, and why, and feeling much more confident and at ease.

A ceremony of the Installation of a Knight is usually performed at each P of I. The Officers having been nominated at the previous P of I by the Provincial Marshal or his Deputy. Preference is given to Officers who want to practise their role in a forthcoming ceremony in their Preceptory. This is particularly so for Eminent Preceptors and Marshals, but includes everyone through from Captain of Guards to Constable.

An effort is made to involve all Knights present, and if numbers permit, to include Guarding the Sepulchre and an Arch of Steel.

If any Knight wants to practise a particular role, or part of the ritual, he should make this known to the Provincial Marshal at the previous P of I.

An important part of the instruction involves explaining the roles of each office, and the reasons and meaning of both drill and the ritual. This therefore hopefully means that there is something to be gained by everyone attending.

Ever increasing attendance figures show how beneficial Knights find the P of I and it is hoped that more and more Knights will take advantage of joining in Knightly Brotherhood, and increasing their knowledge and enjoyment of this wonderful Order.

Mike Beaty
Provincial Marshal
07909 983179
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